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The New Generation Oneplus 2 Smartphone is Going to Hit The Market

Over the past few years the Smartphone industry has been witnessing some sea changes. Newer technologies, smart styles and more user friendly options have repeatedly induced the customers to replace their old sets with the newer models. Undoubtedly, the introduction of Oneplus 2 mobile is going to form yet another ripple in the industry. And this time the ripple will be an incredible one that will shake up all conventional concepts possessed by Smartphone users. The Smartphone is going to introduce all new features those are going to be a new experience for the customers. The eager customers and Smartphone enthusiasts, who like to know about this new introduction in Smartphone industry, will surly find this Oneplus 2 preview very beneficial.


Product Features:

There are a number of salient features that is going to make Oneplus 2 brand an instant hit in the market. The new generation Smartphone users are looking for more handy technologies that will enable them to understand and handle a Smartphone smoothly. Oneplus 2 will surely meet that demand of the customers-

  • The OxygenOS will optimize the pure Android experience. The system is going to introduce some powerful enhancement tools which will enable the users to handle different android related options more dynamically.
  • The Snapdragon 810 qualcom processor will serve the user at the speed of light. Accompanied with Andreno 430 GPU it’s going to be an ultimate definition of mobile computing, data processing and 3D gaming.
  • The 13MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera along with all auto control and artificial intelligence facilities, the mobile will surely replace conventional cameras of the same genre.
  • The Smartphone is going to bring fingerprint based security system, where the user will be able to register his all five fingerprints to unlock the device and various options.
  • The lithium polymer battery with 3300mAh capacity is going to provide all day power back up for the Smartphone.
  • The Oneplus 2’s 5.5inch display with 1500:1 contrast ratio will enhance displaying colors significantly.
  • The 64GB storage capacity and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM keeps the mobile running with all its apps, videos, images and internet browsing. It’s a perfect multitasking mobile device.
  • USB Type-C is a new small reversible-plug connector and it’s meant to be future-proof

Apart from these, there are many other features those are going to make it the best companion of the user.


Product analysis:

With 5.98×2.95×0.39 inches dimension and 6.17oz weight the Smartphone is indeed going to be an ultimate definition of Smartphones in its genre. The design of the mobile is also very attractive too. On the front of the display, the user will not find any jargon of logos. During the idle period the navigation keys disappear behind black glasses. The Oneplus 2 possesses an alert slider that smoothly integrates with the Android’s notification settings. Without unlocking the phone, the user will be able to choose any of the three options- all notifications, priority interruptions and no interruptions.

The body of the phone is made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. The alloy is indeed soft but tough which is again going to give the customers a hardy Smartphone which will withstand in any weather condition. The design of the Smartphone is ideal for maximum signal reception and easy heat ventilation. The brand will hit the market with different designs of back covers, all are equally attractive.

Oneplus 2 launch date is yet to be fixed, but the product specification and features have been getting wider global attention. Smartphone enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the Smartphone to grab it at the first instant.

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