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Oppo R7 Review — A Magnificent Phone at $800


Now, if you are the kind of person who is looking for quality and high-performing Android mobile phone, then you should consider buying the new OPPO R7. The new model was released early this year, and due to its high performance, the OPPO R7 is performing relatively well in the market.

It is worth to mention that the OPPO Company has really tried to differentiate their product by creating this unique phone, with exclusive features. Below are some of such features:

Exterior design.

To all people who love slender mobile phones, this one is just one of them! Measuring 143 x 71 and a thickness of 6.3 mm, you can tell for sure that this phone sits very solidly in your hand. The outer frame of this phone comprises of a premium feeling metal that makes it feel nice to hold it in your hand. Besides, with such material, it is very difficult for this phone to slide around! Additionally, the lightweight plastic case that comes along with this phone adds an extra grip to your hands!

5-inch Screen display.

The new R7 features a 5.0- inch full AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, with 16M colors and with a screen resolution of up 445 PPI pixel density protected in a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This mobile device is pretty cool especially when it comes to the sharpness of the text. Unlike other types of smartphones, the AMOLED panel ensures a high level of saturation on the screen to produce clear images. To all mobile game addicts, the phone display of the game graphics is quite lovely to watch.

The R7 performance ability.

The new R7 CPU features a Quad- Core 1.5 GHz Cortex, A53 and Quad – Core 1.0 GHz Cortex, A53. A total of eight cores! These are just enough to perform your everyday tasks perfectly. Notably to mention, the OPPO R7 has a memory capacity of up to 16 GB and a 3 GB RAM to help power the color OS 2.1.

The R7 Camera.

Now, if you like taking selfies like, this is just the perfect phone, featuring an 8MP front camera. With such kind of camera, you can be sure of taking clear selfies. The beautify mode present in this phone allows the phone to take a clear shot.
On the other hand, the 13 MP rear shooter is just amazing! The powerful lens of this camera produces a high-quality image, exactly as the object, and quite bright.

Other features.

The R7 features a dual SIM card slot and a Micro SD card slot. It also includes the usual Bluetooth connectivity and the USB ports. However, the most amazing with this phone is the fast battery charging, reaching 75% within 30 minutes. Notably to mention, the battery keeps the phone operational for a relatively long period.
From the above description, it is true that this device does not cut corners when it comes to performance. If there was something to compare this phone with, maybe the iPhone 6. The OPPO R7 goes for at least $800, and for that amount, it is quite a deal especially with its attractive build.


It is worth to appreciate the OPPO Company for producing such an amazing phone and still confining to the user’s high standards. It shows that the OPPO Company is thinking outside the box. Additionally, the price part of the R7 might be discouraging; nevertheless, once you get it in your hands, it feels good!

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