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Top 5 emerging new Android games to rock the Play Store — 1st week, Sep.15

With the sheer number of games available on the Play Store, it can be difficult finding the best Android games. Browsing through genres and ratings and reading through reviews can be a timely and painstaking process that may take the fun out the games. To make the process a bit easier, here are the top 5 new Android games of the week.


  1. The Guides


This is an interactive and challenging puzzle based game, consisting of hundreds of ciphers and codes embedded in images and text. The puzzles become increasingly difficult to solve with every new level, but they also become more and more intriguing in the way they are set up. Unlike a lot of puzzle games, The Guides manages to retain a player’s focus onto the game, and keeps one engaged. Different stories interplay within each other to reveal clues for progression. It’s not free, but does not contain in-app purchases and provides hours worth of imaginative entertainment. Careful though, it’s pretty addictive.

  1. Pac Man 256 – Endless Maze


The latest update for Pac Man 256 enhances the performance and features of this game, which really takes the conventional Pac Man to the next level. The concept remains the same: eat the dots, keep clear of squidgy ghosts, devour power ups and eat squidgy ghosts for a while. However, this game takes the concept of power ups to the next level while staying true to the original Pac Man recipe that made the game so much fun. New power ups include laser beams and tornadoes. There are additional features that reinvent the game in small ways, enough to keep one playing for a while.

  1. Fallout Shelter


A top, top game on the Android charts, Fallout Shelter continues its process of improvement upon the initial model. It is a highly competitive game, where the player designs the perfect shelter and then manages a prosperous underground settlement of dwellers. The settlement may require exploration of nearby areas for development or protection from attacks carried out by mole rats and other underground threats. Fallout Shelter imbues the best parts of different strategy games and even combined with General Atomics International to introduce a robot butler. Sound intriguing, doesn’t it?

  1. Math Academy: Zero in to Win!


Some android games are especially great for passing the time, while making the player feel slightly more accomplished. Math Academy is one of those games that combines basic mathematical operations and combines them with interactive ways to solve for the answers. Essentially, a grid has a few numbers and operations (you know, add, subtract, multiply, divide) and the idea is finding the right combination that equals zero. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s a great way to keep your math skills sharp.

  1. Framed


This noir puzzle game takes it up a notch. The animation and setting of the game are absorbing, and there are different layers to the storyline depending on player choices, which makes it even more entertaining and captivating. The new updates have added levels of new options and mechanics making it truly one of the greatest new android games.

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