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Android M 6.0 Marshmallow features that will Blow your mind

Marshmallow 6.0 the next generation android operating system, is the the successor operating system after KitKat and lollipop recently named by google. While its predecessors such as the lollipop, which was of more a design-centric update, the new revelation has gone back to the basics as it focused more on perfecting the features already in existence. In addition, to this marshmallow aims at improving stability and performance by fixing thousands of bugs. Marshmallow incorporates new features such as finger print scanner, new app permission, app linking as well as improved power management. This article analyses main Android M 6.0 Marshmallow features.


Highlighted below the important features users need to know about the latest operating system announced earlier this year by google.

App permission

This new system will give users the permission to control what their devices can have access to, by either allowing or revoking the functionality involved. In Android M, users will get notifications before they can do any installations as well as updating any app in particular. Furthermore, parameters such as cameras, location, contacts and social app will ask for your verification before completing any prompt command.

Improved power managementandroid-marshmallow

Doze is Marshmallow power management features, it works by allowing the system optimally manage all of its background processes. In the event there has been no activity for a while by the device, say the phone is in idle state, the system cuts down on its background activity and shuts down. This helps to maintain battery life as well as manage background activity on your behalf. High priority activity activates the system through alarms set to do so.


App linking

App linking system known as the intent is usable by androids marshmallow operating system. It offers you the choice to use a particular web link in an app or a website browser. The marshmallow operating system works by, verifying the link with the apps server that results to post verification that leads to opening of the link within the app itself without seeking your opinion on where to open the link in your phone.

Finger print support


Android marshmallow incorporates the finger print senor support; with the new operating system, you are able to use your fingerprint to authenticate an Android pay transaction, buy things from play store as well as unlock your device using your fingerprint at your own convenience. This new feature not only makes your device safe, but also in essence transforms your gadget to your own personal assistance such that no one else can use it without your permission.

Custom chrome tabs

The custom chrome tab is a new feature that allows you to include a web views within a particular app without having to switch on the chrome browser in your phone. Automatic sign in, saved passwords are well incorporated into the custom chrome tab of the marshmallow operating system. It gives users a completely new experience on their phones without having to use the chrome browser directly as witnessed in the past.

Android pay

Android pay is a feature of the androids new operating system that will allow you to make payments via host cards emulation techniques tap and tap services as well as near-field communications. All you need to do is to place your phone near an NFC terminal and your payment is complete, without the trouble of having to open any app. This made possible by the virtual account created when your card details accessible only to google.

Unlike lollipop, androids marshmallow operating system is poised to become a success in this revolutionized technological era.

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